If I had the chance to speak in front of one million people I would take the opportunity to speak up for those who are not able to speak for themselves.  Now that I have your attention let me say that, I have struggled silently for forty years with a decision I made while still in my teens.  In the early 1970’s our country found itself in what seemed to be a crisis.  I remember the horror stories about women who died at the hands of unlicensed doctors who performed abortions.   In reality the thousands of women who died before legalization of abortion, pales in comparison to the millions of babies that have been aborted since then. 

Without the knowledge we have today from our advancement in medicine it was easy to believe the medical jargon in 1973 about the life in the womb being nothing more than protoplasm.  As science has advanced in technology regarding life in the womb shouldn’t we advance with it?  With the incredible picture from Vanderbilt University’s Medical Center of a surgical procedure performed on a baby while still in the womb as well as Ultra Sound technology proves that this is a live human being.

When I was a teenager in 1974, contraceptives were not as available as they are today.  So with resources accessible to prevent unwanted pregnancy, how is it possible that there are over a million babies aborted each year?  How have we come to the place where life is so easily expendable? 

I believe our society is suffering needlessly.  Who knows whether or not some of these babies could have engineers, health care workers, teachers, musicians, or those scientists who found the cure for cancer?

Our nation is moved to compassion to the point of putting in place laws to protect animals that are on the verge of extinction or treated inhumanely yet we allow our species to be suctioned apart, burned to death with saline solution or dismembered one limb at a time with no more thought for that life than how to dispose of it.

Wake up America! I implore you to take a look inside yourself as well as the undisputed facts and take a stand against abortion. Together we can make the change and reverse the wrong because even the smallest life is viable.